Undecided Voter Breaks for Trump After He Says Biden Not Smart

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Joanne Peterson, a previously undecided voter living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, told The Mideast Beast that she has decided to support President Donald Trump’s re-election after the president pointed out that his opponent, former vice president Joe Biden, is not smart.

Peterson said she went into the debate with an open mind but was ultimately persuaded to vote for the president when he declared that the former VP “graduated either the lowest or almost the lowest in [his] class.”

“Intelligence is a huge issue for me, so hearing that Biden is in fact not smart was certainly a key factor in my decision,” said Peterson, a 47-year-old paralegal who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. “I always assumed that Biden was smart, given that he was elected to the Senate when he was 29 and served as Vice President. But Trump said, ‘There’s nothing smart about’ him, so that really changed my view on the issue.”

She added, “If that is the judgement of the president of the United States, who am I to question it?”

But not all swing voters broke for the president. Miguel Gutierrez, a 56-year-old Jacksonville, Florida resident, says he will now back Biden after learning that the president is a clown.

“I think that the president has done a great job with the economy, the Middle East, and in maintaining law and order,” Gutierrez, an orthodontist who has backed both Democrats and Republicans, said. “But the last thing we need is a clown in office, and learning that Mr. Trump is one completely changed my opinion.”

All debate viewers interviewed by The Mideast Beast agreed that the debate represented a valuable, insightful, and nuanced discussion of the many challenges facing the country.

“As Americans, we are lucky to have the opportunity to choose between such qualified and distinguished candidates,” one undecided voter said. “No matter who wins, we are in good hands.”

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