News Agencies Implore International Community to Provide More ISIS Stock Photography.

© Hrlumanog | Dreamstime.com - SYRIA-FREE ARMIES-ISIS-WAR Photo

News agencies across the world begged the international community to supply them with more ISIS-related stock photos. Exasperated at using the same half dozen images again and again with each ISIS-based news story, Fox News reporter Samuel Swan explained the dramatic move; “It becomes so hard to peddle our agenda of fear and division when we keep on having to recycle old images; it ruins our authenticity and that’s what makes us look silly.”

It has not escaped the notice of keen eyed readers that the same photos of a bearded man waving a flag on top of tank, a convoy of white pickup trucks, and a masked man waving a knife; all keep cropping up on every ISIS-related news report. One reader said, “It’s like they are not even trying anymore. We knew that news was declining in quality but this is just ridiculous. News today just seems to be recycled garbage on TV or satire on the Internet. Truthfully, I’m starting to find satire more trustworthy.”

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