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ISIS Executes “Racist Journalist” for Insensitive Tweet

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ISIS recently executed an unnamed American “racist journalist” in Syria after he tweeted that infidel lives matter, too. The execution came at a time of increased international focus on institutionalized media racism, after several high profile resignations of male editors from US newspapers, such as that of executive editor  Stan Wischnowski of The Philadelphia Inquirer, who recently resigned after experiencing backlash for publishing an article with the headline “Buildings Matter, Too.

ISIS’ spokesperson for Diversity, Inclusion and anti-Racism, Hassan Khalidi spoke to The Mideast Beast about the incident.

“At a time when US police are perpetrating a slow genocide against minorities of color, it was highly insensitive by the racist journalist to insist that infidel lives matter, too. This bigotry has to be stopped before it spirals out of control. Soon, hateful minds will also suggest that the lives of women and gays matter, too. While violence clearly goes against ISIS’ ideology, we were regretfully provoked to respond forcefully to this upsetting non-believer supremacist tweet.”

Khalidi expressed optimism that racial tensions would end once America is incorporated into the global caliphate.

“Unlike the amateur impostors in the US, ISIS is the true global Black Lives Matter movement. That’s why all ISIS members are donned in black, like 21st century human rights ninjas.”

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