Gazan toddler organizes protest-flotilla against bath-time

In the wake of the most recent flotilla headed for Gaza, a local toddler has launched a flotilla against bath time, causing a lot of stress for his mother.

The mother reportedly filled up a plastic baby tub, all the while complaining about how “he used to love baths.” As the toddler was pushed into the tub, he organized his hand-me-down toy boats into a formation and thrashed around, causing spillage on the mother “who frankly couldn’t care less about getting wet at this point.”

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Calling his mother “an occupying force,” it was then that the toddler took one of the toy boats and hit the mother, at which time threats of a “timeout” were made.

At press time, the mother was cooking dinner for the toddler, all the while assuring herself that “it may take a while, but I’m sure he’ll calm down as he gets older.”

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