Barrett Supreme Court Confirmation in Doubt After She Refuses to Denounce Chocolate Hummus

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Republicans’ path to confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court hit a major snag on Wednesday when the US Court of Appeals judge refused to say whether chocolate-flavored hummus is unconstitutional.

Barrett, who appeared headed to an easy confirmation, stumbled over a question from Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono. Hirono asked Barrett whether she has ever purchased chocolate hummus, eaten it, or served the dip at a party. When Barrett said she had not, Hirono asked whether doing so would violate the constitution.

“Well, I am not really an expert on this matter, and I certainly don’t condone anyone eating this product,” Coney said. “I will say that my job as a judge is to interpret the constitution as it is written and not how I wish it was written, and I am not sure that the founders ever directly confronted this issue.”

Her response drew audible gasps from the Senate chamber.

“Monster!” Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer yelled.

Even Republicans were stunned by her comments.

“What have I done?” Senator Lindsey Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, was seen asking himself. “Why didn’t I just wait until after the election?”

Polling showed a dramatic drop in support for Barrett’s confirmation, with Jewish and Arab-American voters nearly unanimous in their opposition. Even the Republican Jewish Coalition called on President Donald Trump to withdraw the nomination.

Trump, however, quickly came to Barrett’s defense.

“Chocolate hummus is delicious – some might say the greatest hummus ever,” Trump tweeted. “Don’t let Lyin’ Joe Biden take away your chocolate hummus! Vote Trump!”

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