GOP Supporters Confuse Party Platform with Muslim Brotherhood Doctrine

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Cleveland OH — A local Muslim Brotherhood affiliate has been handing out their organization’s Charter across the street from the Republican National Convention. The document has been enthusiastically received as scores of attendees have apparently confused it for the 2016 GOP platform.

A delegate from South Dakota talked to The Mideast Beast shortly after receiving the document. He was “very happy with how bold our [GOP] anti-gay, and pro-life stances are this year” adding that “being openly Christian will finally be possible in this country again”. A group of delegates from Wyoming was pleased with the “strong stance against transgender rights” and the clear labeling of Iran “as a destabilizing force in the Middle East”.

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The confusion here has crossed party lines. After receiving the document, a local liberal student group blasted it as “imperialist and Islamophobic”. Their Muslim Facebook friends quickly pointed out their mix-up. This prompted the students to issue an apology, stating that their “privilege disqualifies [them] from criticizing the Muslim Brotherhood”.

While experts have rationalized the confusion, claiming the two documents “share vast common ground”, they explained how “substantial differences can be found in the subtle details”. For example, in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict both favor civil war over a two-state settlement, yet they disagree on who should emerge triumphant and rule “from the river to the sea”.

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