Yemen to Trump: “Look, Just Make us an Offer”

© Phakimata | - Donald Trump Photo

The collective population of Yemen has contacted President Trump offering him the opportunity to discuss ‘creative’ solutions to his travel ban woes.

In an open letter, the 24.4 million Yemenis stated, “Look, clearly this whole writing up Executive Orders with a life expectancy higher than an Afghan wedding party on ‘drone strike Tuesdays’ is too much for you. But, as we only have a GDP per capita of 1,400 bucks, we’re sure we can come to some sort of deal. How about you throw us a little green and we promise not to rush the US embassy applying for tourist visas for our well-documented regular trips to Disney Land.”

“This shouldn’t be so hard, it’s not like you’ve got any of those rich Gulf states on the list. We recognize that offering every Qatari a third Mercedes not to visit would get expensive even for a multi-billionaire like yourself. Wow, maybe you are as smart as you keep telling everyone…”

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