Taliban Eager to Move into Trump ‘Caves’

ID 100589820 © Palinchak | Dreamstime.com

Logistical experts with the Taliban have made inquiries into the option of inhabiting the Trump ‘Caves’ that they keep hearing so much about.

“It’s no secret that we love a deep dark hiding place and we also fully appreciate the Trump brand. So these seem absolutely ideal for us,” commented a spokesman for the terror group. “However so far we’ve not been able to get anyone to give us details, like pricing or floor plans. Or is financing available? We understand that a Ms. Nancy Pelosi is the current owner of the caves, but no one seems to be able to connect her with us.”

“Our one fear is these caves are a bit like the Trump Casinos. If we’re going to make a new home we really need something with longevity.”

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