Revealed: Polish Holocaust Bill Actually Verbatim Copy of Israeli Nakba Law

By U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A bill recently passed in Poland criminalizing any mention of Polish complicity in the Holocaust is a verbatim copy of the existing Israeli Nakba Law, reporters found. Those who asked to see the text of the Polish bill found that it read:

“We, the elected officials of Israel Poland, will henceforth penalize any commemoration of Israeli Independence Day Holocaust Remembrance Day as the Palestinian Jewish day of mourning, thereby rejecting any complicity we may have had in causing the Palestinian Jewish struggle.”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s name is crossed off the bottom of the page with white-out and the Polish President signed above.

Netanyahu severed Israeli-Polish ties over the bill’s plagiarism, saying that “Not only are they anti-Semitic, but they’re really anti-Semitic. I mean Germany 1940 level, not University of California 2018.”

Sources report that he is now writing up a bill that will make it a punishable offense to mention any connections between Jews and Poland or the Polish people.

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