Obama Admin: “We Have Proof BDS Orchestrated Netanyahu’s Response to UN Resolution”

© Lucidwaters | Dreamstime.com - Palestinian People Protesting Photo

The US Ambassador to Israel released a startling press statement today: “We have evidence that the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement (BDS) orchestrated Netanyahu’s response to the passing of the UNSC resolution”.  He explained that the administration was puzzled by Netanyahu’s insistence on turning Israel into a pariah state. “Once Netanyahu started calling for reduced ties with 12 states, including China and the UK, we realized something was going on; we now have proof that the response was orchestrated by the BDS movement”.

The Ambassador would not reveal the evidence to the media, but said, “We would hand it over to the Israeli Left if they weren’t so pathetic, they wouldn’t even beat Hilary Clinton in an election”.

Some BDS supporters expressed mixed feelings about the turn of events. University of California Berkley’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine wrote on their Facebook Page,“While we welcome Israel’s self-sanctioning, we vehemently oppose the UN Security Council resolution and do not feel that Israel’s self-sanctioning was worth the sacrifice. The resolution’s disapproval of Palestinian terrorism is racist and colonialist, it is utterly imperialist to hold an oppressed people accountable”.

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