New York Times Hires Ilhan Omar as Anti-Semitism Sensitivity Advisor

Kristie Boyd; U.S. House Office of Photoraphy [Public domain]

Following backlash over a recent cartoon criticized as anti-Semitic, The New York Times has responded by hiring Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to advise the paper on sensitivity towards Jewish readers.

“Really, we had no idea that portraying Jews as dogs with giant noses could be viewed as offensive,” the publication said in a statement. “We decided that we need someone with an expertise in showing respect and decency towards Jews to help us avoid future cases of anti-Semitism.”

The paper quickly determined Omar was the right person the help chart a new course.

“There is no one better than Mrs. Omar at identifying cases of anti-Semitism,” one editor told The Mideast Beast. “We Googled ‘Ilham Omar’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ and got literally millions of results. Clearly she is an expert on this.”

Shortly after hiring Omar, the Times followed with an announcement stating that a review had determined that the Times’ coverage was not the least bit anti-Semitic.

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