Netanyahu Demands That Robert Mueller Be Appointed to Investigate Corruption Charges

U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv [Public domain]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he would like Special Counsel investigator Robert Mueller to lead a special prosecution case into the various corruption charges currently being levelled against him.

The Israeli premier, who is set to face indictment on corruption charges dependent on a pre-trial hearing, made the announcement almost immediately after Mueller’s report concluded that US President Donald Trump did not collude with Russia during the 2016 election as had previously been alleged.

Official spokesmen from the Prime Minister’s Jerusalem residence insisted that the timing of the request is entirely coincidental. “Prime Minister Netanyahu simply wants the Israeli public to witness a transparent and thorough investigation and Robert Mueller is the person best placed to do this. That the Special Counsel investigator ruled that Trump was not guilty of the charges levelled against him despite being a blatant cheat and corrupt presidential candidate is 100% not the reason why Netanyahu wants the investigation.”

In allegedly unrelated developments and equally indicative of his innocence, Netanyahu is also understood to be making plans to appoint O.J. Simpson’s defence attorneys as his new lawyers.

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