Middle East Leaders Condemn Trump’s Inauguration

By White House photographer (Official White House Facebook page) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Nations from across the Middle East have reportedly condemned Barack Obama and the United States for inaugurating Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

In Saudi Arabia, King Salman had called on Obama to appoint a male relative as the next “president” of the US, saying that the peaceful transfer of power from one rival party to the other was a disgusting spectacle.  In a rare show of consensus, the Islamic Republic of Iran also condemned the inauguration of Trump saying that it was dangerous to elect a president who does not have the approval of the Supreme Leader of the US: Kim Kardashian.

Additionally Syria’s Bashar al-Assad condemned Obama as a weak leader, unworthy of continuing his rule for neither rigging the election, nor cracking down on the GOP. A spokesperson for the Assad regime noted that it was to be expected that Trump would wrest power from Obama because “the idiots didn’t drop a single barrel bomb full of explosives and chlorine gas on any GOP rallies throughout the course of the campaign.”

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, now 12 years into his 4-year term, had urged Obama to continue his presidency saying, “term limits are really just guidelines anyway”.

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