Jared Kushner Not Sure What He Did to Deserve This

© Lagron49 | Dreamstime.com - Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump At 2015 Tony Awards Photo

Jared Kushner has expressed dismay that his father in law, President Trump, insists on sending him to an active war zone whilst Donald Jr. and Eric get to hang out in Dubai Trump properties.

During his trip this week to Baghdad Jared commented, “I can’t help but feel that I’m being treated like a second-class citizen, Hispanic if you will. And I don’t like it. The President’s sons are busy bringing back 1980s power business dressing across the Gulf, whilst I have to pair body armor with my Brook Brothers suit. And let me tell you that is not a good look.”

“And when I get back I have to organize the Chinese state visit whilst Dastardly and Muttley have to make an urgent trip to Hawaii to ensure the Mojitos at Trump Waikiki are up to par. Ivanka told me that it has to do with us following the nepotism laws. But as we were sitting in her White House office at the time, I’m suspicious that she just wants me out of the way so she can keep texting Justin Trudeau.”

“All I can hope is that we find someone to marry my sis Tiffany. Then that poor schmuck can go to Syria straight after the honeymoon.”

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