Israeli Tech Company Invents Something That Has Something To Do With Data and Social Networking Or Some Sort of Integration

Israeli Tech Company, DigityzeMe, unveiled this week it’s new product expected to revolutionize something related to how people communicate or interact with people or machines online.   The platform, set for release at the beginning of the summer, will have something to do with enabling companies to do something with users data and somehow help customers create some sort of online community that has something to do with organizing people together.

“We set out on this project because we spotted a problem in the way consumers were managing their data in social communities,” CEO Uri Rosenfield stated. “What we’ve create is a multi-faceted platform, geared towards the enterprise to empower user communities to become engaged advocates of their own buying behavior. ”

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Tel Aviv venture capital firms are eager to invest. “What Uri and the team at DigityzeMe have done is nothing short of extraordinary,” said VC Partner Hyman Hunter. “I have no doubt their platform will change the world.”

This isn’t Mr. Rosenfield’s first time entering into the Israeli High Tech market. In 2011, Mr. Rosenfield created MobDrync, a mobile platform that creates some sort of user experience or something that somehow helped companies give scalable pricing features across multiple channels.


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