Israel Calls Sweden for Heart-To-Heart

© Ockra | - International Workers Day Photo

Israel phoned Sweden to express his hurt that the Nordic hunk had recognized its errant neighbor Palestine.

The Zionist homeland commented, “well at first when I heard the news I was like, whoa dude, not cool! What have I ever done to piss off the Scandinavians? Just at my birthday in May I was belting out the Abba hits on the Karaoke. For some reason I always finish with ‘Dancing Queen”, don’t know why.”

“However after the initial shock wore off I rang Sweden and he was really cool about it.”

“It’s not really my fault”, Sweden said. “It’s just that I’ve got this Social Democrat government. They’ve even got something called ‘Greens’ in them. That doesn’t sound good, as I’m very much a reindeer meat and herring kind of country.”

“So when Israel rang I was really embarrassed but luckily just as we were talking he got handed the new group photo of the cabinet, and he was like ‘hold the front page! Check out the new Social Insurance Minister, it’s like if Netanyahu was a hot 40-something MILF, if you can even get your head around that idea.”

“And I was like, yeah well she would really only be considered a six around here. You should see how mental it gets on my beaches come June. And then Israel was all like ‘can you send me a webcam link?’ After that we got on just fine. “Your Tel Aviv sounds pretty cool, I’m thinking of hitting the clubs this winter. Well, so long as Israel promises not to make me sing ‘Waterloo’ with him.”


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