ISIS Releases Official Response to MOAB: “Ok, Now You Dickheads Are Just Showing Off”

Following the United States’ first use of the world’s largest non-nuclear bomb in combat, multiple terrorist groups condemned the US, rolled their eyes, and said, “you dickheads are just showing off”.

An ISIS fighter interviewed by The Mideast Beast sounded exasperated saying “first it was the missiles, then it was the drones, and now this crap? Jesus, can’t they just send the SEALS like they used to?” Another clearly shaken al-Qaeda fighter said in an interview, “I admit I signed up to be a suicide bomber, but this new guy in the White House is really redefining bat-shit crazy.”

Attempting to rally support amongst his followers, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said, “you know what they say about presidents who actually use big bombs right? Anyone? Is this fucking thing on?”

Statements released by various religious leaders also condemned the Western values that led to the bomb being deployed with one cleric saying, “A Mother of All Bomb’s place is in the home”.

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