Fight the Power: Help TMB Overcome Facebook’s “Screw You” Update to News Feeds

So… TMB is able to survive and flourish thanks, in a huge way, to our fantastic and loyal Facebook followers (that’s YOU!!). The wise-owls at Facebook decided a couple of weeks ago to completely change the way they decide if people see posts from Pages that they follow. Sadly, this change is a big issue for content providers, like us. We’re sure there is a good ‘big business’ / ‘algorithm’ justification, but for sites like ours, it’s a killer change.

(It also means you won’t see our latest articles any more on Facebook)

We are very fortunate and grateful that we have such a loyal readership, thanks to our website and our social media presense. Facebook really is a vital way that we are able to keep TMB reaching people. To that end we really need some help to reverse some of the big changes, and also to make sure you are able to keep up to date with our latest “news” stories.

We even came up with a song to help you remember what to do… but we scrapped that as our big ideas meant the budget got out of hand for the music video.

It’s really simple, there are just 3 steps to follow below. We really appreciate your help on this one!


Step 1: Actually going to our Facebook Page

Visit our Facebook page:


Step 2: Click a button

Click the “Following” dropdown button.


Step 3: Click a button

Click “See first” on the dropdown.


That’s it. We really do appreciate your help with this, so thank you. We’d also love it if you could share this page, so that your fellow TMB fans know what to do.

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