“Can You Just Give Us a Hand with This Big Bag First”, Saudis Ask Turkish Officials

Saudi diplomats have welcomed Turkish officials as they begin their search of the consulate, only asking if they wouldn’t mind lending a hand to move a particularly heavy diplomatic bag first.

“If you could just take the head, I mean front, end. Then we can get it down the stairs and into the trunk of this car,” an official asked the Turkish search party.

The Turkish, well known for their impeccable manners, were happy to help, amidst much well natured jokes about how the bag was a real ‘dead weight’.

With the diplomatic car safely on its way, it was down to the serious job of getting to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of a critic of the Saudi government.

“It’s a real head scratcher” commented one Turkish official. “I mean we know he didn’t just walk out of there.”

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