British Labour Party Issues Statement: “Let’s Just Agree to Disagree About the Jews”

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In an attempt to draw a line under current criticism that the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn might be just a tiny bit “anti-Jew” the party HQ provided a press release this morning. It read in part:

“Look just to be clear we love Jews. We merely have a principled concern with the rights of Palestinians to live in peace on their land and the long-term hope for a two-state solution that recognizes everyone’s rights. Also, we suspect that Jews run the global economy and were instrumental in creating the current schism between the West and Russia…Oh, shit…let’s start again.”

“OK, here we go. We love Jews. We love everything about them. The great sense of humor, the strong sense of family, their big hooked noses and grasping claws…Oh, for fuck’s sake…this isn’t working. Look, just remember BREXIT wasn’t our idea and just vote for us. How many Jews do you know anyway?”

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