BDS Movement Recruits Waterlogged Corpse of Osama bin Laden

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) was able to recruit a very high-profile ally this week. After months of courting, BDS leaders were finally able to announce today that the long-deceased corpse of noted anti-Semite Osama bin Laden had joined their cause. “This is a great day for the fight against the Israeli Zionist war machine,” BDS organizer Michael Roth told The Israeli Daily, “Mr. bin Laden is a celebrity known all over the world. His soggy carcass shares our vision, and will be invaluable in our efforts.”

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Roth maintains that despite the importance of the BDS movement and its goals, celebrity endorsements remain scarce. “Today, the Jews basically run the whole world – I should know, I am one. By recruiting Osama’s waterlogged remains, we’re successfully able to spread the vision of a world where that’s not the case. It’s probably the most logical thing we’ve done so far.”


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