ISIS Denies Book Burning

ISIS has denied that it is burning important books despite reports that it removed some 3,000 titles from the Central Library of Mosul a few months back.

Speaking exclusively to The Israeli Daily, the groups head librarian, Mustafa Reida, said that books were removed to make way for new acquisitions. “We recently purchased a large collection of new works and the other books have been removed into storage or placed online. There hasn’t been any burning we’re not Nazis.”

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The new books include a large number of mathematical, scientific and political primers that will be used to educate the population now in ISIS territory according to officials. “We felt that it was important that we give people a better grasp of the nature of the world,” Reida stated.

However, as with most other areas of ISIS thought the primary belief motivating the changes are that science, maths and politics should be set at the right level. “We took a quick look at what’s happened in the world and felt that not a lot of real concrete discoveries have been made since the time of Mohammed so most of the new books are in fact pretty old,” Reida concluded.

However, one custodian of Mosul’s library, speaking on condition of anonymity, reported a different reason behind the removal of the books. “I saw them take the books out the back where they had this cage with some dude in it and were having some problems getting the fire going so needed more fuel.”

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