About The Mideast Beast

The Mideast Beast (TMB) is a satire site that produces spoof articles about or connected to the Middle East for comedic and entertainment purposes. We poke at anyone and everyone.

Whatever you read on TMB is totally fictitious and you should not take us seriously in any way, shape, or form. Clear? Are you sure? Good. Moving on…

Our goal: To make you laugh and think, to shine a little light into this insane region. We believe that laughter and thought can be legitimate tools in helping to reduce extremism.

Our audience: Anyone interested in the Middle East, which pretty much means everyone these days.

P.S.: A warning for the faint-hearted, we use lots of ‘colorful adjectives’. Deal with it.


If you are interested in contributing to TMB, simply get in touch with us at: info [at] themideastbeast [dot] com

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**Because TMB can be naughty at times, articles in The Mideast Beast are not intended for persons under the age of 17. Although you may need to ask someone that age to explain some of our references**