Trump’s Trump Trumps Trump’s Trump

It’s certainly difficult for a large personality like Donald Trump to outdo himself.  But at this point, it seems that, like the giant robot at the end of The Incredibles, the only thing that can compete with Trump’s batshit lunacy is, well, his own batshit lunacy.  The 2016 Republican candidate recently made some comments that are starting to make even his most ardent supporters treat him kind of like sushi that might have been left out on the counter too long- you really hope that against all odds, it’s still safe and won’t make you regret gambling on it later (though, also like old sushi, too much Trump will most likely give you diarrhea).

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Trump’s trumps are so-called because they are so extreme and beyond what other candidates are saying that it shuts them up and ends any conversation.  Trump’s recent trump trumped his previous trump of saying that we need to rid ourselves of all illegal Mexicans.  The Donald Trumped so hard that he suggested we brand all Muslims so we can tell them apart from what he calls “normal people,” a policy known colloquially as “Hitlering.”  With this latest trump card, the Grand Toupee picked up yet another space in crazy despot Bingo, moving from xenophobic deportations to xenophobic immigration bans and identification techniques.  No one seems to know what Trump’s next trump card will be, but one thing is for sure: Trump’s next trump will trump all previous Trump trumps. And, yet again, we’re all likely to end up with diarrhea.