Snowden reveals ‘Galloway’

Edward Snowden has recently revealed that a Mossad spy has infiltrated into Muslim groups in the UK. Little is known about the shadowy figure that is believed to have been recruited in Scotland about 30 years ago, and goes only by the code name ‘Galloway’.

“Ya Allah! This is so like 24!” said Abdul Abdul, spokesman for the West and East Yorkshire Global Jihad Co-operative and The Local Ferret Breeders Association.

“We’re a typical tightly knit of group of West Yorkshire Islamists who have live peacefully here since 2013. Why would the Zionists do this?”

Apparently ‘Galloway’ may be hiding in plain sight, says Mossad expert, Walter Mittistein, who blogs on intelligence matters for the blog “Always remember that Jews can shape shift and control the weather”, said Mittistien. “I think we’ll all be amazed when ‘Galloway’s’ true identity is revealed.”




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