Saudi Prince Buys Rights to Jewish Song

A Saudi Prince today purchased the rights to the well-known Jewish song Hava Nagila (Let’s rejoice).  Reached for comment on his yacht, the Prince said through an interpreter “I dig the tune. It friggin’ rocks.”

With the specter of future royalty payments looming, Jewish folk bands are refusing to play the song.  “I hated the damn thing anyway! I felt like such a tool whenever we played it,” remarked Shlomo Tubberstein, a local folk musician from Jerusalem.  “Trying to remain Celibate? Play that song and it’s guaranteed!” he added with a grimace.

Historians at the University of Motown said the song traces its origins back many generations, with some evidence indicating that it was first played for people dancing around a Golden Calf.

The Prince released a video to accompany the announcement, featuring burqa-clad Saudi women dancing to the song while the Prince looked on from atop his throne of pre-pubescent boys.

Devotees of classic tunes such as “Happy Birthday to You,” and “The Alphabet Song” are reportedly apoplectic with worry over the desirability of their own favorites.

At the time of publication it is still unclear if the Prince intends to alter the lyrics to Hava Nagila.  The song, when sung in Arabic reportedly sounds like a water buffalo giving birth to farm machinery.