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Saudi Arabia Bans Use of the Word “Sportsmanship” Due to Gender Bias

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Crowning itself the most gender-friendly country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has announced its intentions to free the kingdom of gender inequality. After granting women the right to drive last year, the Kingdom is determined to become a more welcoming place for people of all genders

Last week, King Salman announced his intentions to ban the word ‘Sportsmanship’ due to its clear gender bias. The derogatory word will be erased from all official texts, including school textbooks, and will be replaced with the gender neutral ‘Sportspersonship” according to Saudi news sources. Other gender insensitive words, such as “manhole,” “human” and “manbun” will also be included in the new law. 

Recently, the Kingdom has lifted a ban on bikinis at the beach, granted that women still wear their hijabs while enjoying the sun, and has changed the national anthem to “Womanizer,” by Britney Spears. 

“This is a new beginning for women” King Salman said during a live broadcast. “Times have changed, and from now on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will consider women to be higher class citizens with a weighted worth of at least three camels or one small herd of goats. Whichever has greater market value.” 

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