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Qatar Appeals for Help in Attracting Service Professionals for World Cup

Restored diplomatic ties in the Gulf have allowed Qatar to put in a delicate request for aid with neighbour the UAE The Mideast Beast has learnt.

Speaking on condition of anonymity a high-ranking Qatari official told TMB that the country was requesting aid in securing an important service for the upcoming Soccer World Cup. “After a ‘lessons learned’ briefing from officials that attended the world cup in Brazil we have recognised that the oldest profession in the world is integral to the most professional ‎sport in the world.”

‎”We did a survey of the locally available talent and realised there are only a few ropey old Chinese hookers and local transsexuals in the country,” he continued. “When I want to score chicks I tend to go to Dubai, so we’ve asked the authorities there to assist us in attracting some high quality sex workers.”

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Qatari officials acknowledge that they are deeply worried about the lack of prostitutes to sate the needs of the supporters of top soccer nations like Germany and France, and need to put an action plan in place as soon as possible in order to be ready.

“What Brazil taught us is that we need lots of very sexy ladies to really make the party happen. It’s going to be particularly important when you are stuck in a desert watching football in 45 degree heat with nothing else to do. Judging by Brazil it’s the heat just makes everyone hornier,” one of the world cup factfinders stated.

“What we’re hoping is that officials in Dubai will be able to show us how to attract some really hot Brazilian and Russian talent. But we realise we can’t be too fussy and may have to just settle for lots of the little brown ones,” he concluded.



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