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The Prince and the Prime Minister (Episode 38)

On this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast, we learn about host Alex Giles’s new bromance with the Saudi prince (listen to find out exactly which one it is). While Alex plans his future, host Molly Livingstone brings us into the present with a live siren drill preparing Israel for war. Is it fake news, or a bit too real?



Bibi’s Off-Broadway Show Comes to AIPAC and Also There’s An Octopus (Episode 37)

On this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles pack it in on AIPAC, that friendly Israel loving lobby. It’s all about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s off-Broadway (way off Broadway) one man show. What will Bibi say, and will it be another chorus of Iran, bombs, and BDS? Well, if Alex can stop ranting about his first world problems, and Molly can stop chastising him for whining about his first world problems, we may find out. Also, there’s an Octopus and the Koran. Just listen.



Bibi’s Indictments for Dummies: Lowball Bribes, Germans, and So Far No Naked Ladies (Episode 36)

If all the world’s a stage, then all the world leaders are on a big reality show to see who plays the worst (meaning best) villain. On this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast, host Molly Livingstone sits down and tears down Times of Israel journalist Raoul Wootliff, to find out what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did to become our latest villain. With the looming indictments, Wootliff explains the cases, alleged bribes, and supposed crimes. Will this be the PM’s final act? Listen, learn, and judge for yourself.



Iran Goes Nuclear Over Olympic Size Goodie Bag Mishap… At The Olympics (Episode 35)

Sanction, s’manction… Aren’t rules just made to be broken, especially when it comes to the Olympics, the Middle East, and goodie bags? On this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles gossip about the Iranian Olympic team, who, as it turns out, didn’t get their Samsung goodie bags (that’s what adult male Alex calls them)due to some UN sanctions. And just like the Olympics, which never seem to end, the two discuss yet another tragic school shooting in the US, and continued murders in Syria, while Molly goes on a rant.



Israel Takes Home Gold for Drone Hunting in Middle East Winter Olympic Games (Episode 34)

On this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles talk war games, as in, is Israel at war or is this just a politically savvy game to change the headlines? More importantly, is anyone actually watching the Olympics? Is there an Israeli team that could take home the gold in such sports as curling, or should Israel stick to shooting drones in the Middle East? Or, better yet, is that once again another politically savvy game to change the headlines?



Goldielocks and the Three Risky Bears (Episode 33)

On this week’s edition of The Mideast Beast Podcast, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles challenge the audience on what they really know about the headlines, terrorism, and Africa’s being a country. And find out if you’re a Goldielocks. Yep, a Goldielocks.



Somewhere Over the Armageddon Rainbow… #FierceFierce (Episode 32)

In this week’s Mideast Beast podcast, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles break down Vice President Pence’s recent visit to Israel, and almost have their own breakdown as they uncover the truth behind Evangelical Christians, peace plans, and streets named Penis. Alex tries to come up with his own plans, but is so fearful of what’s to come (and his Christmas Cake addiction frankly doesn’t help), he is actually at a loss for words and can only manage to shout out, “Fierce fierce.” Listen in and hastag #FierceFierce to support him through this difficult and #FierceFierce time.



Uber Cool: Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia (Episode 31)

How’s this for some good news in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia will allow women to take the front seat and become shared-ride drivers (never mind that they can’t drive at night, can’t take men, and make almost no money). In this week’s episode, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles discuss this whole new world, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (you need to listen to understand why), and a bit of a chat on the #MeToo Movement’s destroying journalism everywhere.



The Rebel Rabbi & The Long Awaited Israeli Spring (Episode 30)

On this week’s edition of The Mideast Beast Podcast, host Molly Livingstone is joined by the Rebel Rabbi Chuck Davidson, who continues his controversial battle against the Israeli Chief Rabbinate dictating Jewish law when it comes to birth, marriage, divorce, and death. This Orthodox rabbi discusses his intent to destroy the rabbinical courts’ monopoly, perform illegal marriages, and his hope to finally be arrested for his crimes. His message is clear and in this episode he is talking to you, in the hopes of creating an uprising to take down the system, separate religion and state, and maybe even get you married (he’ll do it for free, and you might just end up in jail, adding a whole new meaning to “ball and chain.”) Say I do, and listen in.



Alternative Facts Might Just Be The Veil Of Truth For 2018 (Episode 29)

With protests in Iran, fighting in Pakistan, and the usual failure of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians, maybe Trump’s bizarre tweets are the “simple solution.” Hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles discuss how tweets make headlines, headlines sound fake, and fake is now killing satire. After all, if the headlines sound like a joke, then what material do we have to work with? It’s a conversation you’ll want to be a part of, even if it means you may fall apart. Listen in!



I Selfie You to Death! (Episode 28)

When did beauty pageants become about checkmate, and chess tournaments become a fashion show? If a picture is worth a thousand words, the selfie of Miss Iraq and Miss Israel, would be death, fatwa die, repeat. With Miss Iraq’s family fleeing their home after the controversial picture, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles ask if Miss Iraq is brave, naive, or just living under a rock. They also discuss a controversy that hasn’t made the headlines, about the current chess champion losing her medals because she won’t play by the rules… the rules, that is, of Saudi Arabia, where this year’s contest is being held. Is the reigning champion brave, naive, or living under the same rock?



There Are Arabs in the Mall and They Are… Shopping (Episode 27)

First came the Trump declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, then came war, bloodshed, and even a tsunami. At least that’s what the headlines wanted us to believe. What’s really happening in the city? On this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast, host Molly Livingstone gives her first-hand account of life after declaration. You probably won’t hear this anywhere else, so you’ll want to listen in. Host Alex Giles also shares his thoughts on the news and a bit of reality, while trying to figure out the point of Trump’s declaration at all.



Jew vs. Jew, Who Woulda Thunk It? (Episode 26)

On this week’s Mideast Beast Podcast, host Molly Livingstone speaks with a secular Jew living in Jerusalem about the recent outbreak of fights between the religious and nonreligious communities. Forget “two Jews, three opinions”; this is an all-out battle, with fighting in the streets, protests, and breaking the law. Listen in to hear a completely different view of the Middle East in which peace has nothing to do with Israelis and Palestinians, but rather just trying to figure out how to get along when you’re supposed to be on the same side.



No # For Egypt (Episode 25)

If there’s no hashtag, then did it really happen? Hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles discuss the recent terrorist attack in Egypt that killed over 300 worshipers, asking what the attack means for the region and what it means if no one is tweeting about it. Does the world care more about a royal wedding, or are Alex and Molly just being pessimists? Listen and share your thoughts, or at least a hashtag.



Whip It Out, Part II: That’s Not What She Said (Episode 24)

In this week’s Mideast Beast Podcast, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles continue the discussion of sexual assault and rape, unfortunately, as more men are accused of doing just that. And while the Middle East is normally used to war, how is the explosion of #MeToo, unwanted advances, and general deviant behavior affecting the male population? It’s not Iran’s nuclear threat, yet from generals to TV exec prowlers, are any of us safe? Take Cover and Keep Listening.



Whip It Out – Hollywood Rules and Sharia Law (Episode 23)

Can we justify sexual misconduct and rape? In Hollywood, if you ask to whip it out, does it make it OK? And in the Middle East, does Sharia law give men the power to rape? They may be worlds apart (or at least different countries), but how similar are we when it comes to the treatment of women and harassment? On this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles discuss the rules, the rapes, and the revolution of women’s rights… it’s revolting.



Maybe We Should Just Sex It Out… (Episode 22)

On this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast, host Molly Livingstone speaks with matchmaker Jessica Fass of Fass Pass To Love, to find out if the Middle East countries are really a match. Perhaps the politicians have it all wrong, and it’s more about rules of dating, wooing, and even a little sexting that will give peace a chance. From first base to pulling out, here are the dating tips that might just win a Nobel Peace Prize.



Sportsmanshipping Molly Makes Up a New Word for an Old Problem (Episode 21)

Does everyone really need a present to show appreciation? And does everyone really need to be present at a sports arena? On this week’s Mideast Beast Podcast, hosts Molly Livingstone and Alex Giles present (pun intended) you with the many dilemmas of the Middle East. Together they discuss the UNESCO swag snub, Saudi Arabia’s latest liberal move to allow women at sporting events, and the behind the scenes look at Molly’s candid interview with Palestinian refugee, Ali.



So A Palestinian Refugee and a Terrorist Survivor Walk Through The Door… (Episode 20)

If you survived a vicious terrorist attack, would you befriend the enemy? Would you let him into your house, your thoughts, and your vision for the future? Survivor Kay Wilson is on a mission to bring together human beings, so yeah, she does that. Host Molly Livingstone has a very intimate interview with Kay and one of her frenemies, “Ali,” a Palestinian refugee. Together they talk about hate, victims, martyrs, and awkward moments (or does Molly just create awkward moments?) on this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast.



Verbal Diarrhea – Trying to Understand the Iran Plan (Episode 19)

With Trump dumping the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” signed by Obama in 2015, hosts Alex Giles and Molly Livingstone try to figure out what exactly is comprehensive about it. Will Iran build a nuke? Are we watching the biggest reality show starring realist world leaders? Is it worth a Nobel Peace Prize, or is it nothing more than a deal with the Devil? Get out your biggest bottle of Pepto-Bismol ’cause we are about to give you a big tummy ache in this week’s episode of The Mideast Beast Podcast. (Disclaimer: if you shit your pants it’s not on us… literally and figuratively speaking.)