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Netanyahu Meets Putin to Discuss No-Fly Zone Above Bar Refaeli’s Wedding

© Filmspiegel | Dreamstime.com - Bar Refaeli Photo

The Mideast Beast has learned, from confidential Israeli military sources, that Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu’s lightning trip to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin involved coordinating plans to enforce a no-fly zone over the upcoming wedding venue for Israel celebrity model Bar Refaeli.

The 30-year-old super model, who previously dated actor Leonardo DiCaprio, is set to marry Israeli businessman Adi Ezra at a resort in the Carmel forest.

The Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff  and Military Intelligence chief accompanied the Prime Minister in order to send a clear message of urgency, since the wedding is planned to take place on September 24, a day after the holiest Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur.

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Minor subjects such as regional arms transfers, Russia’s troop deployments in Syria, and other less important issues will be discussed at a later date, some time after the couple’s honeymoon.

Putin reportedly told Bibi, “Save me a piece of wedding cake. You know I’ll be in the neighborhood.”

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