Life after politics: 10 Job Possibilities for Netanyahu


It seems impossible but Benjamin Netanyahu will lose power one day. But supporters should not despair, as the Zionist pin-up has plenty of opportunities outside of Israeli politics: The Mideast Beast ran a poll asking readers what life after politics may hold for the current Prime Minister. Below are the top 10 answers. No official bodies sanctioned this effort and approximately 1 person, give or take, were polled.

  1. A model for GAP or Old Navy’s ‘New Senior Citizens Fashion Line’
  2. Political advisor to Somalia
  3. Author of How to Piss Off Every Single American Administration For Dummies
  4. Actor in the movie sequel to How to Lose Friends & Alienate People
  5. Author of Like a Pro: How to Bow to Pressure from the Religious Minority
  6. Acting teacher: Mentoring leaders to convincingly say ‘my aim is a two-state solution’ and getting people to actually buy it.
  7. Professional settlement builder
  8. Motivational seminar speaker: “Be the most uncompromising person in the face of global adversity.”
  9. Director of the Institute for Dodging Corruption Charges

And the most likely job possibility according to the poll:

10. Write autobiography: How to be in politics for over 30 years, and not get shit done.

Bonus: For shits and giggles, we decided to add one ‘job possibility’ that just missed the top-10 list: University course lecturer in “How to blame Iran for everything.