Doh! Israeli Official Lets the Cat out of the Bag

In what can be definitively called one of Israel’s worst gaffes, a senior official appears to have inadvertently confirmed the existence of Israel’s long-mysterious nuclear program.

While many critics have maintained for decades that Israel has been secretly stockpiling nuclear weapons, Israel has remained characteristically non-committal. According to witnesses of the error, a senior Israeli official was having a discussion with a group of other foreign diplomats when he said, “Yeah, what can we do about the Palestinians? It’s not like we have nuclear weapons, wink, wink! …Oh, crap… did I wink or did I just say ‘wink?’”

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The Israeli government has refused to issue a comment following the incident, now known as “Winkgate.” Other governments however, were quick to issue their own statements. “Winkgate confirms what we have long been ranting and raving about,” a statement from Iran read. “The Zionist Regime indeed has nuclear weapons, and has lied about that fact. Not that we know anything about that, nudge, nudge! …Oh…crap…”

This type of incident is not entirely unheard of however, as it was an accidental middle finger by Saddam Hussein that started the 1990 Gulf War.

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