Israel cannot name sixth submarine

A serious row has broken out in the upper echelons of the Israeli Navy, over the name of their 6th German built U-boat.

The current names, Dolphin, Whale, Crocodile, Revival, and Splendour may all soon be joined by Duck-Bill Platypus or Manatee.

“I refuse to command a ship named after something with a permanent smile on it’s face” said Yossi “the Shark” Kaplinski, Israel’s highest scoring U-boat ace with 16-tons of shipping sunk, fifteen of which was accounted for in one training accident.

Many submariners have voted to go more in line with Revival and Splendour and call the new boat “Fabulous”, “Raving” or “Openly Gay.”

The Israeli submarine website “Sonaroperatorswhodontlivewiththeirmothers.com” has run a poll that has suggested it be named  “The one we don’t talk about”.

A spokesman for the Chief of the Navy said, “We have no sixth submarine. You have been misinformed.” When he was told that there was substantial evidence that the sixth boat did exist he replied, “What’s it called then? Nothing? Like I say, it doesn’t exist. Now go away I’m trying to pee and you should not have followed me in here.”

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