Israel is ‘Criminal State’

The human rights group “We know nothing about the Middle East” or WKNATME has accused Israel’s government of being a criminal organization. 

“Being a democracy and providing a high-standard of living just cannot be done via legitimate means,” said Sandy Guinness who makes coffee for the teenager that runs their website from a truck stop café outside Dublin. “Israel is mostly Jewish, therefore mostly corrupt. Look, I don’t believe the whole ‘drinking the blood of Palestinian children’ thing but they definitely sell their organs. I read it about it on the Internet.”

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In response to WKNATME, an Israeli Government Spokesman, only known as Shlomi “The Wheelman” Sternberg, said, “We ain’t saying nothing. Capiche? We was never there, it never happened.”

He also added, “Who says we’re criminals? Fuggedaboutit. We’re just legitimate businessmen. It’s a rough neighborhood. What, some guy who knows jack shit about us is telling lies? Say it ain’t so. People should be more careful with allegations. You know, use facts and stuff. You got something? Arrest us. We’re right here. ”

The human rights group is still searching for those facts.