ISIS to Summer in Italy

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has extended his welcome and given travel advice to ISIS for their planned summer holiday to capture Rome. Renzi told The Mideast Beast that the jihadists will be a much needed boost to the ailing economy, which has seen tourism hit particularly hard.

“We’ve seen a massive influx of visitors and martyrs to Syria, Iraq and Libya because of ISIS, which have seriously helped the local economy,” Renzi said, “As I say to the young girls… I’d like a piece of that!”

Asked if he was worried about a rise in social unrest and crime as a result of ISIS, he dismissed any fears: “We will give them a big Italian welcome,” said Renzi, “Prosecco will pop, stories will be shared and hopefully, if they feel comfortable, heads may even roll.”

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“With Greece going tits up we need some publicity,” he admitted, “Any publicity is good publicity.”

He also gave travel advice to war weary Jihadists. “For those coming from Europe we strongly advice not coming across the Alps by elephant. Previous visitors have found that delays reaching Rome. And if you wish to come via sea from the Middle East, Africa or elsewhere, do not take the ferry or a knock-off dingy.”

Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi admitted he is looking forward to jihadi girls coming to Italy and said he will give them a Bunga Bunga party to remember.

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