Hamas Celebrates 27th Anniversary in Gaza with Beatles Tribute Band

By Omroepvereniging VARA (Beeld en Geluidwiki - Gallery: The Beatles) [CC BY-SA 3.0 nl], via Wikimedia Commons

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, danced the night away to classic Fab Four songs, in honor of the 27th anniversary of the militant group’s formation.

Local tribute band Rubber Souldiers stormed the stage Friday night and performed for a capacity audience at Gaza City’s Palestine Stadium. Playing a toe tapping set that brought the crowd of ten thousand current and future shahids to their feet on several occasions.

Rubber Souldiers’ uniquely jihadist takes on the Beatles catalogue were recorded live and the the Palestine Stadium concert has incidentally gone viral, becoming hugely popular not only inside Gaza and the Arab World, but developing a devoted following in London, Long Island and Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Below, are the most widely viewed songs from Rubber Souldiers’ playlist:


  • I Wanna Hold your Head
  • Long Tall Fajr
  • Good Day Palestine
  • Happiness is a Warm Grad
  • Mean Mr. Mazen
  • With a Little Help from Qatar
  • Strawberry Fields for Allah
  • Got to Get you Out of my Life
  • Back in the I.S.I.S.
  • You’ve Got to Hide your Tunnel Away
  • Gaza City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
  • Muhammad’s Silver Hammer
  • Shaheed’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • While my Hijab Gently Weeps

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