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God Announces “Israel-Palestine 2”

Descending from the heavens, God has touched down on Earth to announce a new, massive-real-life-multiplayer gaming experience known as Israel-Palestine 2.

Flanked by lead developers and producers, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, God explained, “We feel that it’s time for a reboot. Things in Israel-Palestine 1 have started getting a little stale. Don’t get us wrong, everybody still loves the ’48 war, the Suez multiplayer map, and the Yom Kippur ‘hardcore’ levels. We did feel like the Lebanon levels were a little dragged out though, but then everybody loved the two Intifada expansion packs we offered. Unfortunately, the Knife Intifada sequel was a bit anticlimactic, which is why we’ve decided to reboot the series.”

The Prophet Mohammed explained further, “In Israeli-Palestine 2, players will be able to take part in several new and exciting fronts, including a guerrilla war against Hezbollah, covert gameplay against a terror campaign led by Jihadis in Sinai and Syria, and of course, the ever-popular “Bomb Gaza” minigame. We’re also considering adding a possible West Bank Annexation level as future downloadable content.”

Moses commented, “We’re really excited to see what kind of user generated religious hatred and extremism we can whip up this time with the all new ‘sandbox’ feature. It’ll be great for everybody!”

“Well, except for the children” remarked Jesus.

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