Facebook to Increase ‘Related Pages’ in Newsfeeds

A new and totally expected move by Facebook is unlikely to shock or excite anyone. The social media giant is set to increase the amount of ‘related pages’ on users’ newsfeeds.

Starting next week, and in large part thanks to Zionist control over the Internet, banks, and the media, your newsfeed will now contain even more unwanted ‘related pages’. The new program is called ‘1+1 likes’.

According to one tech developer at Facebook, “the new algorithm knows when you have liked a page and the program will then automatically ‘like’ another page for you.” While you have no control over which page Facebook will choose for you, apparently it will be somewhat connected to the page you liked.” For example, if you like ‘Asian food’, a ‘related’ page such as the Vietnamese dating site My dong (highly recommended!) will appear, and Facebook will then ‘like’ it on your behalf.

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The developer said, “There are still some bugs in the program to be worked out before we implement this. The other day, I liked the page ‘cute babies’ but with 1+1 likes, Facebook immediately liked the ‘known sex offenders’ page, which became public in my newsfeed. My girlfriend dumped me and now my coworkers look at me strangely.” Another developer who worked on the program ‘liked’ his home country Saudi Arabia. The program then liked the ‘Official ISIS Fan Page’. “Next thing I know, some Men in Black show up at my work station, and now I’m jobless.”

Most users will complain about the increase in ‘related pages’ but the vast majority of users will continue to utilize Facebook. “Look, It’ll certainly be annoying but I’ve read The Elders of Zion and I get that the Zionist enterprise must continue promotions in order to make money. How else will they control the world?” asked one 9-year old Facebook user from London. “Wait! If I like Facebook, does that mean I like Jews? I’m really confused about the whole Zionist-Jewish thing.”


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