‘The Expendables 4: ISIS IS-OUT’ to be filmed in Gaza

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Widely circulating rumors that the Expendables 4 movie is to be filmed in the Gaza Strip were confirmed last night by Sylvester Stallone.

Director, writer and star of the franchise confirmed that the 4th film, working title ‘ISIS – IS-OUT’ would use location shots of derelict Gazan areas in an effort to give the film ‘that authentic, terroristic feel’.

In an interview with The Israeli Daily, the rubber-faced Rocky star stated that, ‘obviously, we can’t actually go into any ISIS controlled areas. No, that’s much too dangerous. What? We’re fucking old men! ‘Arnie broke a finger on the last one; Dolph shattered a hip on the first, and don’t believe all that hype about Chuck. He only did one film, as he was too busy powering his own weird mythology on the Internet.

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‘Anyway. That whole summer war thing was great timing for us – we needed a reliable, cheap location for filming, and Hamas was very willing to help us out. Hamas even had loads of fantastic burned-out tunnels all over the place for us to use. Totally ideal for the plot. Gold!

‘But the best bit was that Hamas had their own people – loads of them! – and they let us use them in explosions, gun fights, fist fights …everything you see in the film. ‘We didn’t even need to pay them! We finished the film way under budget.’

The international reaction to the film’s controversial filming location was varied, with some commentators labeling it ‘shameful’ and ‘disgraceful’, while others applauding it for its entertainment value. Timmy Williams, a YouTube star, gave the film a positive appraisal due to its ‘realistic and gory death scenes’.

ISIS’ official twitter account expressed displeasure, labeling the film, ‘a double standard’: “Why is executing Gazans on film considered ‘entertainment’, while beheading infidels on screen is considered ‘terrorism’? #doublestandard #allahuakbar.’”


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