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DC ‘Unite the Right’ Rally Overshadowed by Larger Pro-ISIS Vegan Furry Protest

White supremacists who trekked to Washington DC for their annual ‘Unite the Right’ rally are complaining that their massive gathering was overshadowed by an even larger group of pro-ISIS vegan furries rallying for tax-exempt ethanol subsidies.

“Supporters from across the nation joined us to secure the existence of our people and a future for our white children, but those damn jihadi furries had to pick the same day for their rally,” Richard Spencer, director of the white supremacist National Policy Institute, told The Mideast Beast. “There were nearly two dozen of them. There’s no way we could compete with that!”

Despite creating weeks of headlines and drawing a massive counter protest, this year’s Unite the Right drew only 25 or so attendees, many of them covering their faces to avoid recognition. Spencer called the turnout “a great success” but said even more people would have shown up were it not for the competing rally.

“As you’d imagine, there is a lot of overlap between the white nationalist and radical Islamic furry communities,” Spencer said. “Next time, if we join forces, there could be 30 of us!”

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