Dangerous Destinations and Activist Tours: Hottest Trends in Travel

Extreme sports are so last decade. The phrase ‘so last decade’ is so 2013. And forget drinking, drugging and binge watching. That’s so last weekend.

According to research findings at Instant Gratification Institute in Tel Aviv, thrill seekers are abandoning so-called traditional dangerous adventures of shark cage diving in Cape Town, running of the bulls in Pamplona and bare-back riding in Bangkok.

“Travelers are opting for adventures with meaning, as well as life and death experiences. The activist and daredevil categories are the fastest growing market segments in the industry,” Yariv Ben O’Brian, Market VP at the Institute told The Israeli Daily.

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“With the rise of ISIS, as well as other competing religious and political fanatics, the lure of death and the fight for a lost cause has seen a dramatic up-tick in the last six months,” Yariv noted.

Gaza travel agent, Rashid al-Salami, told The Israeli Daily, “Our bookings for passage to Syria have seen a 360 percent increase. Travel packages to riot torn destinations, Ferguson and Baltimore, are all but sold out.” When pressed about other hot spots, he quipped, “Unless you are currently in steerage aboard an oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden, you can forget about Yemen.”

Al-Salami further noted, “Bottom line, attempting to pull a ‘Pastrana double backflip‘ definitely takes courage and is super-cool, but paying to enter ISIS-controlled territory with semi-trained fighters whilst attempting to keep your head attached to the rest of your body…well that just takes balls!”

The Hamas official concluded, “Why this shit is suddenly a trend is beyond us. Apparently Westerners are really fucking bored.”