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#AskHamas is trending… Hamas starts beheading

Hamas has executed the head of its twitter feed after claiming he was a ‘Mossad agent.’

In an ironic twist Hamas decided on removing the head’s head as the form of execution, pointing out such a method was ‘bang on trend.’

The decision was made after the bungling media wing of the fun loving terror group had the bright idea of launching the #askhamas campaign in English across social media.

“We can’t let people actually know what we’re like!” exclaimed a distressed Khaled Mashal, “As leader of this ‘resistance group’ I have a fake image to keep up to make sure the West stays sympathetic. Only a Jew is this stupid, so he must have been Mossad.”

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The young man whose name has not been revealed was executed at dawn after a trial without jury or representation. Western socialist parties welcomed the move by Hamas as a ‘fair and just’ implementation of peace. However, the UN said Israel should be doing more to defuse tensions over the social media controversy, and in a totally expected move, a resolution is in process holding the Jewish State responsible for the Hamas beheading, despite Gaza having its own Internet service provider.

In related news, another UN Human Rights resolution against Israel is in the works due to an 8-year old girl’s balloon popping, causing her to cry, during a county fair outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

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